Our Journey - Thank YOU!

May 03, 2015

Vivid Roots started as an idea to inspire people to live life to the fullest and help people in need back in August of 2013. As four college students with few resources and little knowledge of apparel or starting a company we set out to make this dream a reality.

In February 2014 we were admitted in to the Boise State Venture College. The Venture College helped us to really focus our idea and turn it into a business. We spent a long time doing research, interviewing people and getting advice from mentors as we built the foundation of our business model.

By April 2014 we had won our first business competition. We placed first in the View Business Plan Competition in the Social Venture track. Even though we hadn't sold anything yet, we were excited to know that are Business Model showed potential.

At the end of May 2014 we had raised enough money through business competition winnings, and a grant from the Venture College to go to Guatemala where there is a serious need for clean water. 15 Million people live in Guatemala, 30% of whom, lack access to clean water. We are grateful for all of the amazing people who made the trip possible, and incredibly enjoyable. This trip would not have been possible without The Rotary Club of Chiquimula who hosted us, Water For The Americas, who helped organize the trip and taught us all about implementing clean water systems.

When we got back in June we couldn't afford to purchase inventory. So we decided to post a digital image up on our crappy website and see if we could get some pre-orders. We launched our first round of pre-orders July 1st. After two months nearly 200 shirts were pre-ordered! We are grateful to those who had faith in Vivid Roots, and pre-ordered shirts, you helped spark the flame to the Vivid Roots Movement. Since then The Movement has spread to 37 States and 9 Countries. 


The Vivid Roots Movement is just beginning, but we want to thank everyone who have helped Vivid Roots become what is today, through your guidance, feedback, or simply by purchase product. If we all do a little we can change a lot and together we will change the world!!

Thank you!

Live Vividly,

The VR Team

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