Dirty Water is Putting Women and Children in Danger

July 22, 2015

Imagine you live in a place where your wife or daughter is sent to find clean water every day, sometimes taking a few hours and sometimes an entire day to find. What if they never came back? What if they came back but didn’t make it through the night due to an illness they contracted while in search of clean water? Who knew the mission to find clean water could be so dangerous, or even deadly.

After flipping through dozens of articles about clean water and the issues people face without it, these were the two major themes; Gender equality, and illness.

Women and young girls are the primary water gatherers in countries such as Africa and walk many miles EVERY DAY to find clean water to carry back to their communities. Not only is this a labor-intensive job, but the water they are gathering can be unsafe for drinking, which results negatively for everyone. Creating convenient, clean water sources for communities around the world can save lives and allow women and children to carry on with their lives within a safe community environment, rather than trekking around unknown areas in search of “clean water” all day.

Your health directly correlates with your ability to work, and without clean water it is hard to keep your body functioning properly. Water related illness halts most productive capability. It is important to protect your body from the water born illnesses and disease that can be spread through dirty water, but when you have no other option, do you go without or drink the dirty water hoping you will survive to see another day, week or month?

Vivid Roots is currently raising funds for  clean water systems in Central America, creating a better, sustainable future for millions of people. Clean water saves lives and you never know what saving a life might do for the future of a country, continent, or even the world. If we all do a little, we will change a lot.

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