Water For Life

The Water Crisis

Nearly 1 BILLION PEOPLE lack access to clean water, that means 1 IN 6 PEOPLE don't have clean water!!

3.4 MILLION people around the world die each year from water-related disease. Children are in the most danger because their immune systems cannot fight off the diseases carried in the dirty water they are drinking.

We are starting in Guatemala & Ecuador 
Guatemala has over 15 Million people, 75% live below the poverty line & 30% do not have access to clean water. That means, over 5 MILLION people are without safe drinking water.

The Solution

How does water for life work?

By Implementing wells, water filtration & distribution systems and educating each community on running and maintenance of their system, they will be able to have it forever!   

We have partnered with multiple Rotary Clubs in the U.S. & Guatemala, as well as Water For The Americas. These amazing organizations have been implementing sustainable water systems in Central America for over 10 years! 

A major benefit to these partnerships is 100% of our donations go to building these water systems!

Jobs are created! Local contractors and volunteers from the villages work together to build these systems. On average, every $1 invested to improve clean water turns into $4-$12 for the local economy. (don't we wish all investments worked out like that!)

  Vivid Roots Team in Guatemala - clean water - Water Committee